Attractions In Boracay

There are many places of attraction in the islands of Boracay. This place is completely filled with places where you would definitely like to enjoy to the fullest extent and totally forget where you came from. It is not for nothing that this island was voted the world’s best in 2012. There are a lot of natural destinations that you would definitely like to visits and totally enjoy with the most effort. Besides this, there are many sites that are completely based for extreme enjoyment and frenzy with the best sort of activities like diving, etc. last but not the least, there are numerous beaches where you would just like to sit and relax under the umbrella. For families with children visiting here, there are many activities that are best suited for kids with full innocent enjoyment.

Ultimate places of Attraction

The Bat Caves

Attractions In Boracay

These bat caves are mainly found in the region of the eastern coast of Yapak. This area is completely filled with these flying mammals ranging from the small bats that live in the caves like the cave-bats and also the large fruit bats. They are so large that in some cases they are highly referred to be gigantic. They can have a wingspan up to four feet. People who are naturalists, spelunking junkies and also daring souls ready to bear the stench in these caves and move on should hire the local boys for a fully guided trip here. These local boys are usually the young children who are quite adept with the workings of these caves. They will take you through the jungle path right into the caves. However, environmentalists should definitely consider not entering the caves and waking the bats up. This is because by doing that you will be able to enjoy the nocturnal flight of thousands of gigantic fruit bats soaring right over your heads.

Mount Luho

Attractions In Boracay

This is definitely the highest peak in the complete region of Boracay. All people visiting this island and not suffering from any sort of vertigo or climbing issues should definitely consider a view from the peak. This is because from the peak you will get a very exquisite view of the eastern coast region of the island with the less known beaches that are present here. Although less known, they are highly fabulous with a lot of entertainment opportunities. In order to get to the peak, you can make use of the motorcycles that are present here along with the tricycles. The path is quite treacherous with a snaking winding road right up to the peak. The ride to the complete summit may be a little dangerous but it is completely adventurous. Once you reach there, the rewards will be really great. There is a flight of stairs also and a monkey sits at the foot of it, do pay your respects to it.

Crystal Cove

Attractions In Boracay

People who love the idea of snorkeling in exotic beaches all over the world will surely love the crystal cave. This is because the crystal cove is an island that has been privately developed for the purposes of snorkeling. However, it requires a lot of skills as well as patience as you pass through the low narrow caves while going through the rock holes and paths that have been completely submerged in water. You need to twist and snake yourself in the path as the road twists around with you. Complete vigilance and balance is needed all the time. People in for some adventure is definitely going to love this. However, when you are in the water a little late, near afternoon, do watch out for small jellyfish and their tiny stings. Entering the island is quite cheap at 75 pesos per person.

The Dead Forest

The Dead Forest is not at all something that has a lot of scenic beauty in it. However, do not be mistaken as this is a highly romantic place to see. This area was caused by ecological mishaps when a dam that built for keeping away saltwater broke down destroying the vegetation beyond and killing all the mangrove trees present here. With the dead plant parts poking their head out of the water, this place is a great romantic spot for couples who enjoy a supernatural experience. This is because many tales of ghost and goblins have wandered into this place with the locals believing that on a full moon night, supernatural occurrences happen.

The Kar-Tir Shell Museum

Attractions In Boracay

This museum is located in the village of Ilig-Illigan. It completely features a wide assortment of various stuff like that of seashells, pottery, hand woven items by the locals, various structures made out of wood carvings. They also sell traditional costumes from the entire country of Philippines. It has a very small entrance fee and everyone can visit it.

Willy’s Rock

Attractions In Boracay

If you wish to know about the most photographed pieces of land in Boracay, then Willy’s Rock is the one. Although, it is slightly overrated, this particular rock has been mentioned in all the travel guides and also considered as covers in travel magazines.  When the tides are low, people can get to this rock and climb a short ladder presents here that presents them the grotto of the Virgin Mary.

Tourist Spots and Places you would love to visit 
Undoubtedly, one can guess that the main attractions in Boracay are the beaches. Beaches are the one thing that Boracay has won a lot of awards in. There are numerous beaches that dot the entire island. The bamboo outriggers present in this region need a small fee in order to ferry the people through the beaches. Some of the highly famous beaches in this region are:

•    The really exotic White Beach.
•    The Diniwid beach.
•    The Manoc-Manoc beach.
•    Also, the really famous Cagban beach.

You should definitely start working on your tan when you visit this place and relax yourself while enjoying the sweet nature and reading a book. Scuba Diving, Helmet Diving, snorkeling and also many other activities like that of windsurfing and kite-boarding are greatly in vogue here. Cliff diving and beach relaxation are the most enjoyed activities here by the tourists.

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