Food In Boracay

The only thing in Boracay that can entirely compete with the beaches that are present here is its great variety of food with the great list of wonderful restaurants.

The amazing variety of food here can only compete with the splendor of the exquisite beaches. Over the years, a large number of people have come to the beaches in Boracay in order to enjoy the food here while lazing in the beaches. They have completely fallen in love with this place.

To support all the people that come here with various features and ethnicities, the locals have made restaurants that are suited to food for various countries. The restaurants feature a lot of cuisine from the local countries of the visitors as well. In fact, many special ingredients for food are also imported here in order to make it highly realistic. Due to this, the menu in Boracay has a wide variety of features that are not always present in other places.

The type of restaurants that can be found here range from that of the open-air restaurant as well as the seafood barbeques, which feature the options of fine dining. The best thing about this place is that, no matter where you eat, nothing is ever bound to go wrong in any way possible. All of the restaurants in Boracay serve food that is best suited to the climate and is bound to go with your appetite while being a palate cleanser at the same time.

The famous eateries


This famous hotel with a Greek theme is located in the D’mall region in Boracay. This particular restaurant is highly famous for the great assortment of Greek cuisine that can be found here. The dishes here are highly authentic with the best sort of delicacy and a great feel of the traditional Greek cuisine. If you are a tourist from Greece, then the food in this restaurant will bring the memories of your home again and again from time to time. Some of the really great dishes that you can enjoy here are the famous Spinach and the Artichoke Fondue along with the appetizers of the flaming Saganaki.

The Greek salad as well as the Chicken Gyros along with lamb dishes of the mouth watering nature is really famous and well deserved here. Anything found here can be a great flavor of taste for the heavenly Greek cuisine taste. This restaurant is also really great for the group meals that can be enjoyed here. However, prior to visiting this particular place you must call first and book in advance as it is really cozy and can get extremely busy.


Food In Boracay

This restaurant completely features the great romance, thrilling adventure as well as the escape into a much luxurious eatery in Boracay. This restaurant has a lot of scrumptious dishes of various different categories. The Moorish dishes are greatly served with a flavor of the Hummus Harissa. The melt-in-your-mouth succulent lamb cuisine with tagine and also the ambrosia baklava is provided with the great refreshing mint flavored tea. It is known as the highly famous restaurant in the Boracay Island. Moreover, the North African souk with a greatly relaxed vibe in the beach front setting offers a great epicurean treat with a great feast to the inner senses. It is located in the White Beach Station situated near the Discovery Shoes.

Lemon I café

One of the best places to have a great food is known as the Lemon I café. This restaurant is simply just awesome with the great dishes served for the complete tourists. The sandwiches of the baguette and the ciabatta are really amazing with great features. A steak sandwich with the French Baguette comes with the caramelized onions from the Maui nature and also large scrumptious salads provided with every food item. They also provide quite a thoughtful presentation with really great excellent service by the waiters. This restaurant is completely available for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. This is a place where you need to stop and enjoy the great foods offered inside. It is also located in the D’mall.


This is a stylish restaurant of the petite design and nature. It is also quite stylish and features the Greek dishes as well. If you wish to taste some of the great dishes in Boracay, then this is where you need to be. It has everything ranging from the humus and the pita bread along with to-die-for awesome soulvaki. Complete assortments of seafood with the tzatiziki, the gyros as well as the highly tasty and exquisite desert dishes are available here. It is located in the Station 1 on the beach road.


The Ole is located in the D’mall with the many other famous restaurants present here. Now, since Philippines has a great Spanish Background, the locals here have always been drawn to the great Spanish dishes and flavors. The work of Ole is to bring these famous Spanish dishes to the island of Boracay. As a result, this place is a great attraction for the Spanish Tourists. Ole is known as mainly a tapas bar or also known as the appetizers bar. People come here all the time providing orders on the communal fare. Another great special food here is the paella also known as the Spanish rice dish. With this, it also has the highest selection of the most communal beers present here on the widest range possible. You can also have a highly fashionable dining experience here.

Red Coconut

Food In Boracay

The Red Coconut is one of the most important as well as the topmost selling restaurants here in Boracay. It serves some great food that is highly enjoyed by the visitors who frequent here. It is mainly famous for its nightly barbeque of seafood with the best preparations available. The sandwiches that are made here to make up for the perfect lunch in Boracay. It is located in the Station 2 region here.


There are innumerable restaurants that serve some of the greatest foods that you can ever have. The eateries in Boracay have laid great stress on the Spanish as well as the Greek cuisine. Therefore, undoubtedly you will have a great time here restaurant hopping.

Boracay Hotel Map

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