Travel Guide For Boracay

No matter what you go with, it might be a plane or a simple boat, but you will always pass through the Caticlan that is located in the mainland of the Panay Island. There is a landing stage port in the Caticlan from which outrigger category boats as well as Bancas leave almost each little minute.

A moderately short trip to the quayside port positioned in the Boracay islands will charge you about 20 pesos. The visitors visiting this province will include paying a terminal payment of 75 pesos besides an ecological fee of 100 pesos. The illustration below is of the Cebu Pacific.

Travel Guide For Boracay

Or else, you might also make use of a tricycle through the rent. The tricycles are available at Cagban for you to get to your destination hotel and rest for the day, getting completely refreshed plus rejuvenated to hit the beaches the subsequent day.

The tricycles fares will charge you from 20 pesos toward about 150 pesos, although usually 100 pesos is the regular fee for the visitors. It all depends on the position of your hotel and the aloofness that needs to be covered. On the other hand, if you are travelling from the port of Cagban to the region of Station 1, all you necessitate to shell out are about 25 pesos and no more. In case you wish to go a singly journey, that is you do not desire your driver to select up passengers, all you encompass to say is that you need a special or an individual ride.

Travel Guide For Boracay

Travel Guide

There are a lot of people who yearn to understand How to Get There in Boracay; the good news is that it is exclusively supplied by this inclusive travel guide. The airport at Caticlan is actually moderately a diminutive airport that is in fact just 5 minutes from Boracay. There are flights which are domestic for eternity obtainable from Manila as well as Cebu.

A mechanical tricycle as of here will with no trouble take you to the port and jetty in just a few minutes. If you necessitate expediency then this is the airfield that you must wish for your plane to set as the territory. Since the airport is exclusively small, you fundamentally require the less important turboprop airplanes in arrangement for a journey here.  As decided after the March of 2013 only the airplanes belonging to the Philippines AirPhilExpress plus the Cebu airlines is only made use of, here.

The Airport of Caticlan 

Travel Guide For Boracay

The airport of Kalibo is moderately a large airport that is immediately positioned about 90 minutes on or after Boracay. This scrupulous airport has a lot of worldwide flights as well as, it, in addition, accommodates an assortment of private jets planes of the superior nature.

Outer surface of the airfield, you will definitely find a lot of buses as well as vans. The prices are exceedingly unpredictable and 2013 of March, only a few chosen airliners reminiscent of that of Zest Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines plus the Tiger Airways are simply used here. 

Getting in and Around

For travelling to the Port of Caticlan from the Airport of Caticlan, you necessitate to make use of the elongated procession of Motor Tricycles that are present here. If you fancy traveling on or after the Caticlan in the direction of the Boracay, you necessitate making use of the boats.

Travel Guide For Boracay

These ferries in the Mainland of Caticlan plus the Boracay Island are mainly used for transportation. These boats make us of the pumping mechanism. The tricycles will scamper almost all nighttime as the Airport of Kalibo has flights that contact down almost each element of the night. The use of Motor cycles with three wheels will assist you arrive at the White Beach on or after the Boracay port.

Getting approximately in the various places can be a trouble-free or a complicated task depending upon your knowledge of the confined vehicle. A ten minute boat excursion will without problems obtain you on the way to the Boracay Island with Port in the region of the Cagban Beach position. Ten minutes of the cruiser ride will cost you about 125 pesos.

You can also judge the alternative of island hopping from the island of Paraw with the utilization of a sailboat. Although, this alternative is far more well-appointed with great remuneration and features, it will position you back by about 700 pesos. The Puka Shell coastline or the other coastline can be viewed when in a schooner ride.

The great places to pay a visit to

There are a lot of wonderful places that you can visit when you come to the island of Boracay as a tourist. They are as follows:-

The Ariel’s Point

Travel Guide For Boracay

This is an in reality breathtaking as well as exquisite looking eco-adventure purpose which you can with no trouble arrive at with the assist of a short ship ride on or after the Boracay Island. It has got the whole thing ranging on or after the cliff-diving display place that range from a 3 meters on the way to about 13 meters.

It offers really sufficient opportunities designed for the purposes of swimming with other behavior like simply that of snorkeling, diving, plus also canoeing with a highly forthcoming setting in this county. This is the just the thing location for the daylight travelers who have a preference a great understanding of the natural beauty of the region of Philippines while also getting the opportunity to meet the fellow tourists. Reaching the Ariel’s point is possible with a five hour trip that will cost you about 1500 pesos and it includes a scenic boat trip around this place as well.

The local entrance fees are also made available along with the afternoon snacks and also BBQ buffet with entire usage of all the basic amenities that you need at Ariel’s point. These are sunbathing racks, snorkeling gear etc. this destination has been voted to be the number 1 among the 25 destinations that are good for visits in Boracay.

The White Beach

Travel Guide For Boracay

This beach is the most famous beach in the entire region of the Boracay islands due to the white sand that remains cool even under the blazing sun.

The Puka Shell Beach

Travel Guide For Boracay

The unique sea rock formation in this particular region that is completely covered in green is a great place to visit in Boracay. The sense of exclusivity is greatly heightened when you see the very less number of tourists in this region.

The Diniwid Beach

Travel Guide For Boracay

This is actually a very small and a serene beach that is connected with the help of a Cliffside footpath with the larger White Beach just a small distance away from it.

The Balinghai Beach

Travel Guide For Boracay

The Balinghai Beach is actually a romantic secluded cove that is basically located in the northern tip of the island. Highly attractive and exquisitely serene, this is a beach that most families would love to visit.

Hotel map of Boracay

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